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Remote Face to Face Injury Assessment, Solutions and Prevention for you and your clients. 

Powerful Movement Assessment and Re-training: 

  • Combine corrective exercise of your client with your own professional development and learning
  • We bring world class REHAB skills to you and your client in your gym or studio - saves you and your client wasting time travelling to the Physio you know nothing about!
  • Limited sessions available each week so book ahead
  • plus
    Delivered world-wide via a Zoom session
  • plus
    Available to members of  REHAB CLUB at a 25% discount


Book a coaching session for yourself or a client with a master REHAB Sports Physiotherapist 

How this works...

For You

  • Your client books and pays for a 1hr time slot that you both have available together in your gym
  • You provide the suitable location - see details below 
  • You attend the coaching session with your client
  • You receive a recording of the session, a detailed recovery roadmap summarising the main points

Your Client

  • Receives world's best REHAB movement assessment and coaching on how to recover from injury and re-train their weak movements
  • The client experiences the benefit of having 2 professionals focusing on their health and wellness in the one session!
  • Pays for the session
  • Attends the session either by themselves or with you in your gym or studio

Designed for REHAB Trainers and their clients

This is probably the fastest, most effective and most rewarding mentoring that we have done at REHAB yet! Real world, real life interventions for your client as we put the REHAB skill set to work.

You get the kudos and build your knowledge and skill set as we coach and mentor you and your clients together. There is no text book theories here - this is real knowledge in action and you and your client benefit simultaneously.

Recovery roadmap

Recovery from injury is usually a journey requiring ongoing coaching and consistent effort on yours and your clients part over many months. You will need our support on that journey in different ways depending on your particular injury.

We will supply you with a recovery roadmap so that you are equipped and confident to deliver new techniques, exercises, and coaching for your client.

Followup sessions are often necessary.

The booking process

The investment in an hour session is $199 inc GST for CLUB Members and their clients ($250 inc GST for Non-Members) and will be conducted with either Ulrik Larsen or Chris Mallac.

Non-Members - AUD $250 inc GST

CLUB Members - AUD $199 inc GST


Booking is simple. Click the BOOK ONLINE button and you will be taken to a calendar to choose an available time slot that suits you and your client.

Select the time slot and pay for the session to reserve your session. We will email you a confirmation.


We will email you a client health assessment questionnaire that needs to be filled out and returned to us prior to the session via email.

Optional - take a video of an exercise that is aggravating the injury. We will send you some instructions when you book.


The session is conducted via Zoom ( or other platform if that suits you) so you will need access to a reliable internet connect, computer with microphone and camera or mobile phone with the Zoom app installed. We will email how this works - it's easy.

We need to be able to clearly see you as they perform standard ranges of motion. So please position your computer / camera or mobile phone in a position that has a clear line of sight to the work area.


It would be best to ensure that you conduct followup sessions with your client in order to checkup and assist with any challenges that they may be facing.

This is generally a session with you alone and does not require a re-booking with us to conduct this review.  We will give you the remediation pathway to follow in your session.

If you prefer to book the followups with us - that is fine too. The most cost effective way is to book a 3 pack of sessions.


Can I share the cost with my client?

I am not in Australia. Can I find a time that works for me locally?

Can I just book a session for myself?

I need to cancel, can I get a refund?

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