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#Rehab FX


Minimize and fix injuries with functional fitness tools

This course is the foundational accreditation for learning R+E+H+A+B and working as an effective Rehab Trainer, teaching you the knowledge, skills and giving you the equipment, to unofficially join the "Rehab team".

Here is what you will receive on Rehab FX:

  • 1 day of hands-on functional rehab practical learning, using the Posture Pro, REHAB Dowel and Theraband
  • 2 full days of practical assessment and correction of movement dysfunction as described in the Injury Prevention Kit (IPK). Alternatively taught outside Australia for 1.4 ACE points as a 2-day workshop.
  • Designed by sports Physiotherapists for the modern Personal or Functional Trainer, taught with industry experts Functional Training Institute through their Movement Restoration Coach Programme.
  • Gain massive Fitness Australia CECs through the MRC Programme, or 1.4 ACE credits internationally.

Who is involved in this exciting project?

Two nationally-acclaimed educators in the world of functional fitness, Owen Bowling and Tarek Chouja, present their technical expertise delivering this ground-breaking course. Designed by APA Sports Physiotherapist Ulrik Larsen, it is taught by the best educators in the FITNESS industry. You get the best of both worlds as we blend practical injury rehab and functional fitness!

Don't make training risky business

Functional Movement Training and Fitness believers pride themselves as teaching the safest forms of exercise. Yet, research shows countless clients get injured from it mindlessly doing CrossFit Olympic lifts, carelessly heaving Kettlebells around and showing terrible form on suspension training!
Of course preventing injuries is all about HOW you teach it – but ....
  • Do you know the 7 Movement Sins (faults) that lead to Cross Fit injury?
  • Would you know how to modify and use activation drills within your Kettlebell regime to ensure those shoulders aren’t developing impingement under your very nose?
  • Did you even know that Physiotherapists are starting to use Suspension Training and Power Bags for their incredible value in fixing chronic and niggling injuries?

Enrol in Rehab FX and do it better

We are now pushing the value of Functional Movement training to its very limits… Not only will you deliver safer programmes that cause fewer injuries for your clients, you can even start solving their chronic and niggling injury problems during functional fitness training!
PS... Some of the most highly qualified Chek Certified PT’s who have done this course over the last six years are saying that REHAB ESSENTIALS is, indeed, essential if you want to have longevity as career Fitness Professional. Click here for some more amazing testimonials.

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