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Injury management skills made easy

If you have never experienced being part of helping clients with niggling aches and pains, then get ready to be excited about how much you actually can do without ever needing to become a medical professional! Trust us you will be surprised at how clients will rave to their friends about what you are doing to help them.

Keep clients on their fitness plans with less injury frustration! From the comfort of your home, studio or gym you will learn how to observe and correct your clients low risk, niggling movement problems that will all stem from common chronic muscle imbalances.

Here is what you will receive on Rehab Online:

  • Three quick screening tests that may indicate an injury is “High Risk”
  • Our three most powerful Rehab tools including postage and handling which are the Posture Pro, REHAB Dowel, and Theraband
  • Many practical and easily downloadable videos showing you how to use the Posture Pro, REHAB Dowel, and Theraband for correcting the five muscle imbalances
  • Videos of the full Rehab Express face-to-face workshop plus an extra 33% of extra knowledge and video content
  • Help on how to blend new movements into functional movement patterns and lifestyle changes
  • Full colour completion Certificate once you have completed the short multi-choice question assessment
  • 10 Fitness Australia CECs, 0.7 NASM plus 0.7 ACE points

This course is for you if you or your clients are suffering from:

  • Niggling or chronic aches and pains during or after exercise
  • Poor or imbalanced muscular development
  • Decreasing range of movement in joint or myofascial areas due to training
  • Inability to change technique even with good coaching
  • Impaired sports performance despite great training methodologies
  • Time or geography constraints
The key is understanding muscle imbalance and how to correct it from the brain level (“Movement Switches”) right down to the muscle fibre level. Learn from the comfort of your own gym, studio or clinic how the world-class Rehab method can help you effectively assess and correct the 5 main muscle imbalances from which most clients suffer, and that underpin so many chronic niggling biomechanical problems.
You can easily help your injured clients without becoming a Physiotherapist or Medical Professional. Yet if you are an Injury Specialist, this method for assessing and treating movement dysfunction will give you the bigger picture view that you have been looking for.
The key is the incredible R+E+H+A+B skill-set. It keeps you safe from making mistakes with injured areas, and yet gives you powerful tools to make a difference!

This course is suitable for:

  • Sports Coaches (all sports)
  • Athletes
  • Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP’s)
  • Personal Trainers
  • Gym instructors
  • Massage therapists
  • Physical Educational teachers
  • Sports science & Exercise science students

On Rehab Online you will learn:

Discover how injuries are created to prevent many happening, understand the negative powers of Training error, Holding Patterns, asymmetry from an old injury, and how they create Muscle Imbalance. Learn three quick screening tests that may indicate an injury is “High Risk” and needs referral to a Specialist as a high priority.
Understand the 5 Main Muscle Imbalances that afflict the shoulder, knee, hip and lower back, setting clients up for injury, or turning them into chronic issues. Receive and be taught practical techniques with the Posture Pro and REHAB Dowel for the release of dominant areas of fascial tightness, muscular trigger points and mobility barriers.
Use the simple Theratubing and REHAB Dowel to retrain faulty movements and teach activation drills for inhibited muscles of each of the 5 main muscle imbalances. Learn effective cues for each of the five Inhibited Muscles / Movement Patterns. Blend new movements into functional patterns, lifestyle, and set homework for your clients to keep them improving in their own time.

How is Rehab Online different from Rehab Express?

Rehab Online is the Rehab Express workshop, on steroids! It includes an extra 33% of expanded content, which effectively would take an extra 1.5 days to teach it face-to-face. Some examples of the extra material are:
  • How your injury history sets you up for Asymmetry and Muscle Imbalances
  • How Training error creates Muscle Imbalances
  • The connection between your Psychology (mind-set) and Muscle Imbalances via Holding Patterns
  • Three types of pain and how they can be recognized
  • The purpose of Risk Assessment and how to carry out 3 simple and safe High Risk injury screening tests
  • Videos demonstrating via Taping how each Muscle Imbalance affects the body
  • Videos demonstrating how Muscle Imbalance correction can be utilized for the prescription of functional movement exercises for clients.

Entry and Completion Requirements

In order to gain the Rehab Express certificate, you are required to complete a small assessment task. You only need to pass an online knowledge check that includes a mix of multiple-choice & short answer questions. All participants must be 16 years of age and over to join the course.

Rehab Online is delivered by our e-learning partner Sport e Coach:

*Disclaimer: Students who receive this course as part of the Rehab Essentials or Rehab Express Package are only eligible for the online video component, not the assessment tasks, professional development points, nor Rehab Online physical products such as the Rehab Tools. Rehab Online does not accredit you to function as a Rehab Trainer. Only the Rehab Essentials course certifies you to become an Accredited Rehab Trainer, not any other Rehab course including Rehab Express or Rehab Online. For more information on the Rehab Trainer Essentials course click here .

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