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Australia - QLD #Rehab Essentials


NOVEMBER 11-13, 2022

Friday - Sunday


Location: TBC

Gain confidence and competence in dealing with pain and injury

This course has been Rehab Trainer’s flagship course for at least 16 years, building a worldwide following in multiple countries, and now delivered by a highly experienced team of educators led by Australian Sports Physiotherapist, Ulrik Larsen.

B.App.Sci (Physiotherapy) B.Ed (Physical Education) Dip.
Business Rehab Trainer Educator, NSW
Educator profile
Rehab Essentials is the foundational accreditation programme for working as an effective Rehab Trainer, teaching you the knowledge, skills and giving you the equipment, to unofficially join the ‘Rehab team’. If you’re wondering what all this means, and that ‘PT’s should never engage in rehabilitation!’, then please read more on our “What is REHAB?” link, it will answer all your questions.
Suffice to say your role as a classic Fitness Professional is most probably already helping your clients with their niggles and pains. We just want to take you as far as you can go in your effectiveness and safety, empowering you to also work more closely with Allied Health Professionals, and helping you get more engaged with those niggling issues, poor movement patterns and how to clean dysfunctional movements.
We want you to fall in love with the simple yet powerful Rehab Trainer tools that will enable you to assess risk, loosen certain body areas, activate other inhibited movements, and then blend these new skills into your own personal fitness programmes! Injury management has never been the exclusive domain of health professionals, Physiotherapists, Doctors, Orthopaedic Surgeons, etc.
The Fitness Professional who has the confidence and competence to work with an individual's unique biomechanics and manage their aches and pains, holds the key to unparalleled success with their clients. Rehab Trainer is leading a fresh stream of education for the fitness industry to create a new breed of Fitness Professional who is able to more effectively assess, rehabilitate and prevent low risk injuries from developing during their training of clients.
Our reputation has been built on quality face-to-face, customised instruction provided by elite sports Physiotherapists. We are delighted with the feedback our students give us as more than 98% of our student body report feeling significantly more motivated, confident and knowledgeable in dealing with their injured clients after doing our courses. This translates to happier clients, increased profitability and a lower dropout rate for them, too.

Here is what you will receive on Rehab Essentials:

  • Get the Posture Pro, REHAB Wand and Activation Tubing
  • Extensive practical sessions in the gym over three full days – with around 70% being practical learning working on other bodies to experience the techniques in person, and the final 30% theory based learning
  • Unlimited access to Rehab Express Online (worth $437 alone!) you can access before and after your course to begin learning and warming up for the face-to-face 3-day practical course
  • Full and extensive quality course manual in a hard-wearing binder for future reference with digital images for self-promotion as an "Accredited Rehab Trainer"
  • 15 CECs certificate of accreditation with Fitness Australia, 2.8 credits with ACE, 1.9 with NASM plus 16 CPD with REPS UK, once final assessment is passed plus risk assessment laminated cards to carry with you on the gym floor
  • 3-month complimentary access to Club Rehab – an extensive and exclusive library of videos and eBooks for Rehab Trainers with sports injury articles written by Australian Sports Physiotherapists, Ulrik Larsen and Chris Mallac with the ability to email any client injury questions to Rehab Trainer

On Rehab Essentials you will learn:

Exactly what to do when a client mentions their acute or chronic pain or injury in their spine, lower or upper body. The unique R+E+H+A+B protocol, which allows you to blend your new knowledge and skills into your existing training sessions with your clients. How to screen a client’s injury to assess its “Risk Profile”.
Understand movement and biomechanics of the body better than most of your P.T. peers. New stretching, trigger point and myofascial loosening techniques. The secret of developing Rehab drills with existing equipment in your gym the right way to activate dormant stability muscles to promote safer training and Rehab injuries.
How to work with health professionals to fix injuries faster and develop a referral base. Also how to effectively use your new Rehab toolbox, including Posture-pros, REHAB Dowel, Activation Tubing, Risk Assessment Cards, and Rehab Records.
Let's be clear, you are not going to become a Physiotherapist by doing REHAB ESSENTIALS - instead you are becoming a new breed of exercise professional. Specialised, extremely effective and now playing a more active role as part of the broader "Rehab Team".
*Disclaimer: After completing the Rehab Essentials course, Fitness Professionals will function according to the five-part “Rehab Trainer” model as a safe and effective method to achieve that goal. This model is quite distinct from the Physiotherapy model, therefore preventing the concern that professional boundaries are being crossed. Rehab Trainers seek to strengthen old boundaries: specifically, that P.T’s should never diagnose injuries and should refer injuries that are high risk immediately to an allied health professional, and should not engage in certain types of isolation exercises that are most effectively carried out by a Physiotherapist. Therefore, be assured you are not attempting to become a Physiotherapist (or even Massage Therapist). You are becoming a more highly skilled Fitness Professional who has a new tool-box of skills with which to deal with the litany of small niggling injuries that plagues the fitness industry.

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