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#Rehab Express


Kickstart your injury management skills

Learn how the world-class REHAB method can help you effectively correct the 5 main muscle imbalances that most clients suffer from, and that underpin so many chronic niggling biomechanical problems.

Rehab Express is an energetic, practical, one-day programme that you can complete as a powerful and practical face-to-face workshop, or remotely on-line with supplementary content.
In this course, you will genuinely learn how to help fix your clients low risk, niggling problems and aches and pains that, let's be honest, most clients and even Trainers have themselves! If you’ve never experienced how you could help your clients with their niggling aches and pains, you’ll will be surprised at how they will rave to their friends about what you are doing to help them.
Keep your clients on their fitness plans with less injury frustration! You can easily help your injured clients without becoming a Physiotherapist or Medical Professional.

Here is what you will receive on Rehab Express:

  • Get the Posture Pro, REHAB Wand, manual and colour certificate
  • Get the basics of the REHAB protocol in a single day!
  • Learn the skills for assessing and correcting the 5 Main Muscle Imbalances
  • 10 Fitness Australia CECs (with a multiple choice exam at the end of the day), FITREC Level B, 0.7 NASM CEUs plus 0.7 ACE credits
The key is the incredible R+E+H+A+B skill-set. It keeps you safe from making mistakes with injured areas, and yet gives you powerful tools to make a difference! Discover enough about how injuries are created to prevent any happening - understand the negative powers of “Holding Patterns”, asymmetry and muscle imbalance.
Learn three quick screening tests that may indicate an injury is “High Risk” and needs referral to a physiotherapist as a high priority. Understand the five main muscle imbalances that afflict the shoulder, knee, hip and lower back, setting clients up for injury, or turning them into chronic issues.
Receive and be taught techniques with the Posture Pro tool for “Turning Down” dominant areas of fascial tightness, muscular trigger points and mobility barriers. Use the simple “REHAB Wand” (short dowel) to retrain faulty movements and teach activation drills for inhibited muscles for each of the five main muscle imbalances.
Blend new movements into functional patterns, lifestyle and set homework for your clients to keep them improving in their own time.


Registering and making payment allows you receive the automated emails with our pre-reading material and join this powerful introductory Rehab Training course.
You are guaranteed to kick-start your skills and confidence you need to deal with clients in pain, with a jam-packed practical learning day understanding the 5 main muscle imbalances of the human system and how to spot and deal with them.
All courses are capped to a small number of participants to ensure a boutique learning experience and the chance for one-on-one learning, and lots of interaction.
Courses run from 9am to 5pm and lunch may be sourced from local Cafes nearby. Dress in relaxed active wear for easy movement and light fitness activities and remember to bring pens and snacks!

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