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#MRC Virtual

MRC Virtual

Movement Restoration Coach (MRC)

Rehab Trainer's three most popular courses are taught online in a Virtual format over a 2 month period. So from your home or gym, join Ulrik Larsen (APA Sports Physiotherapist, CEO & Founder of Rehab Trainer) and Tim Sunderland (Director of True Technique and FTI Education) as they teach and interact with you each week. All of this as a part of the intensive and extended period of education from two of Australasia’s most widely respected and utilised Injury Prevention educational companies

Movement Restoration Coach (MRC) Virtual is a 2 month programme designed by the Functional Training Institute’s Director Tarek Michael-Chouja, to encompass Rehab Trainer’s three beginner courses Rehab Fx, Rehab Express, and Rehab Essentials courses. In addition they have designed the highest level of practical education to empower your Warm-up and Recovery sessions to further reduce and prevent injury from exercise.
MRC Virtual includes Online content for you to pour over, process and take in, as well as 6 half-day sessions being taught about the latest Warm-Up, Recovery, Movement Dysfunction Assessment and Corrective Systems that lead to the highest levels of injury minimisation and prevention knowledge and skill for you to integrate into your practice and culture.

Here is what you receive on MRC Virtual:

  • Welcome Pack with FTI’s book “Purpose Driven Movement”,
  • Three pieces of Rehab Trainer equipment
  • 3 Half-day Virtual teaching sessions with Tim Sunderland
  • 3 Half-day Virtual teaching sessions with Ulrik Larsen
  • 6 months GoXPro App access to aid your integration into practice
  • Rehab Express Online accreditation for unlimited time
  • 5 certifications and XX Fitness Australia CPD points, XX ACE and XX NASM CPD points.


Registering and making payment allows you receive the automated emails with pre-reading, and join this powerful introductory Rehab Training course.
You are also guaranteed to kick-start your skills and confidence you need to deal with clients in pain, with a jam-packed practical learning day understanding the 5 Classic Muscle Imbalances of the human system and how to spot and deal with them, 3 Rehab Tools (Posture Pro, Rehab Dowel and Theratubing), and a useful manual to refer to after you are finished.
Your pre-reading will arrive after you make payment, giving you ample time to get stuck into some articles for preparing yourself to learn!
Please bring clothes for easy movement and light fitness activities.
Australia | Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast
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