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Do you struggle to grow your Glute Max? Perhaps you have some of what last week I affectionately called “No Ass Syndrome”? It is a fun way to describe the effect of having (probably) too much posterior tilt in your pelvis movement, and of course also you (probably) have Hamstring Dominance. And … (probably) hyperextending knees too if you have hyper mobility in your genetics! Is it all making sense? A big thank you to Edith for writing in with your own experience:
I am the proud possessor of a pair of hyper extending knees……… these come in handy to demonstrate to clients just how they look, as strangely the owners often don’t get it………. They also come in handy to demonstrate who is not doing the work and it is as you say below………. In so many of us owners the quads are not well developed……and it is easily demonstrated to newcomers that moving the knee to slightly bent even when standing and getting the weight forward more to front of feet suddenly makes the quads sit up and take notice……..and with Quads being one of the biggest muscles sets in the body it seems silly that they are having a holiday v what work the hammies have to do…….. The secondary benefit often is that pressure comes off the lower back as sending the weight down through the quads appears to encourage the ‘core’ to turn on……a definite benefit to the lower back………. And yes by getting the weight forward and being careful with walking knees are far far happier……….and with a bit of luck mine may get me to the end of my life…….. Edith
Today’s video (scroll right down below) is a repeat from our old archives with me (with big hair!) teaching you two contrasting Hamstring release techniques:
deeper muscular release for trigger pointing and softening hypertonic Hamstrings, and
a more superficial pulse-PNF technique for fascial desensitisation – this more technical one uses the Quads to turn off your Hammies while on stretch.
Enjoy the laughs!
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