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Today – myofascial and trigger point releasing for Gluteus Medius / Maximus and Piriformis. We said last week that triggers and hypersensitivity in these muscles muscles will keep your Hamstrings overactive and on high alert…affecting the Grumpy Knee.
I remember always having my bent elbow stuck into injured athletes’ upper glut area with almost any low back, hip or lower limb problem – so learn to feel where the thickened bands of muscle lie high up near the iliac rim…then gradually increase pressure as you sink your posture pro, pocket physio (or elbow) in and hold pressure for 10-15 sec at a time.
CAUTION here: don’t drift lower down anywhere near the outside of the hip bone (the Greater Trochanter)…bursitis and sciatic irritation may be the result.. eek!
You may however expect to feel ache in the shin area if you hit the trigger points effectively…see where the classic trigger points are and where their referral patterns are if the trigger points are “active”.
Enjoy the video,
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