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Rehab Trainer Educators

Rehab Trainer Educators are highly experienced elite sports physiotherapists and physical therapists.

Mat Sahar Sulaiman

As an active member of the Malaysian Physiotherapy Association for 13 years, Mat Sahar Sulaiman has been a leading Sports Physiotherapist in Malaysia, owning his own clinic GT PHYSIO AND REHABILITATION CENTRE for the last 6 years.

Ever since learning the Rehab Trainer knowledge and skill-set, he has further enjoyed teaching and treating with the underlying ideas of muscle imbalance, myofascial release and functional movement exercise prescription.

Recently he was involved with SUKMA 2013, and accepted the post of Clinical Instructor for UITM Physiotherapy. He now enjoys seeing that extra level of knowledge being with increasing demand for his ability to educate Fitness Professionals and Physiotherapists in the areas of movement dysfunction and corrective exercise, as a Rehab Trainer Educator for Malaysia.

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