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Rehab Trainer Educators

Rehab Trainer Educators are highly experienced elite sports physiotherapists and physical therapists.

Oilivia Chiu

Olivia has worked as a Physiotherapist and as a Personal Trainer for over 12 years in both Australia and Hong Kong. She has worked in numerous settings, including with high level sports teams, in private practice, at commercial gyms, on mine sites as well as in return to work settings.

Olivia is passionate in helping people (new clinicians, new trainers, coaches, athletes, and the general population) understand and explore how various techniques and exercises may suit different individuals and their goals. She is keen for people to simplify their health so they can get on with enjoying their sport and life!

In her spare time, you can find her hiking on a mountain, preparing for an ultramarathon, paddling in a dragon boat, running around a hockey field or behind a computer nerding out on research and statistics.

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