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Gluteus Medius and Maximus drill #1: THE “DONKEY CLAM”


So what’s the take-home message coming through from all our newsletters and videos from the last couple of months? All the running technique errors, lower limb muscle imbalances, and weakness on testing, leads us to…. GLUTEUS MEDIUS – there are no excuses; get it working!
  • Fire it up before exercise in your warm-ups,
  • Watch out for excessive lateral pelvis and medial knee movement to ensure lower limbs are getting healthy hip control,
  • Double-check clients are doing daily home Glut Med drills if they are injured or weak,
  • Smash it near the end of sessions until it burns and clients need to hobble home! 😉
So, the next 5 newsletters we are delighted feature Chris Mallac videos and articles demonstrating his favourite Gluteus Medius drills. Talk about Gold Nuggets!
  • Today we begin with Chris’s unique Glut Med isolation drill that is a better alternative than the well-known “Clam” (which really doesn’t do Gluteus Medius much good!). Chris explains why in a short article you can download here:
Get the “Donkey Clam” Article Join Chris on one of his upcoming Rehab Trainer courses listed below, and enjoy smashing those Glut Med’s!! Ulrik
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