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Gluteus Medius and Maximus drill #2 THE “DOUBLE BALL WRESTLE”


Have you tried the incredible “Donkey Clam” from last week yet?? It’s Progression #1 for starting very weak clients on Gluteus Medius hip stabilisation training. You’ll get left behind as Chris Mallac progresses you through FIVE stages of Glut Medius activation and conditioning – unless you try, practice, and incorporate them during the week! FIVE Glut Medius progressions….but how do we progress correctly in order to keep obeying the ideal principles that were discussed in “The Donkey Clam”? That is i) keep neutral to slightly extended hip position, ii) use isometric holds, and iii) use weight-bearing (functional) positions. You’ll find out over this series of videos of course! OK – Progression #2 “The Double Ball Wrestle”. Great fun for clients, easy to prescribe, hard to do wrong – although clients will try!!
Enjoy smashing Glut Medius,Ulrik
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