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Hip Muscle Imbalance

How’s your Trendy Hip?

Did you know that most people have one hip that is more “Trendy” than the other?
One hip may demonstrate what textbooks have long called ‘The Trendelenburg Sign” – or as we like to say, be the more “Trendy Hip”.The “Trendy Hip” often exhibits signs of a classic muscle imbalance: Tensor Fascia Lata (‘TFL”) dominating Gluteus Medius. So, TFL is overactive, and the Gluteus Medius is weak and inhibited. If this imbalance is reeking havoc with your hip / pelvis / low back and lower limb, you will probably see one or more of these biomechanical changes that all lead to structural overload and create various injuries:
+ excessive anterior tilt or lumbar lordosis
+ excessive drop of opposite hip on weight bearing
+ internal rotation of femur and lower limb
+ excessive pronation of the foot
Our video today that will help you to pick it, and develop the Skill of Seeing which hip is poorly stabilising the pelvis; that is, which hip is ‘Trendy‘. Train those eyes to see those muscle imbalances! And let me know how you’re going. Yours in pursuit of balance, Ulrik
Practice your Skills Of Seeing with our 5 Classic Muscle Imbalaes that we have named and shamed in our recent series. If you missed some of them go back to our Videos room on the website to refresh your memory.
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