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Isometric Iso-Integration Holds – Gluteus Medius and Maximus

Now, if there was to be one thing I would stress with all Gluteus Medius drills where the tendon or the hip is sore, is to begin in an inner range position. Question for you then: Which of these two positions (left or right) is the inner range position for Gluteus Medius? Answer is also at bottom ;)) pardon the pun..
The Video Ok so don’t forget that to load the grumpy Glut Medius tendon in the scientifically proven way to reduce its pain….it has to be no movement.Isometric HOLDS. Again please remember NO MOVEMENT.
There are quite a lot of great Glut Medius exercises you could use in an Isometric Hold, but none are as functional as doing it on 1 or 2 legs in standing with the tubing, hence Isometric Iso-Integration like in todays video.
1. So, what might be less than ideal with the tubing around the ankles in the semi-squat position?? I don’t like this because TFL (the Hip internal rotator) is really going to get fired up!
Instead make one of two changes:
  • Put tubing around the knees instead of ankles, or
  • Have the knees and hips straight instead of flexed
then, its an awesome drill for later on when your client is really getting strong!
2. Right picture is inner range position for Glut Medius (where the pelvis is held level).
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