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Welcome to a new series I’m calling “Rehab Combos” – all about the art and science of combining “Hands-On” loosening techniques (but of course for the Fitness Professional they are not strictly hands-on, rather using tools of some sort!) with “Activation Drills”. This is the bread and butter work of Rehab Training. First free up the dirty movement with myofascial release or trigger pointing or PNF or whatever technique you choose (deactivate the dominant muscles), THEN (and here’s the magic)…. Figure out the best way – for that client’s body with its particular issues – to activate the weak movement switch in the brain. You see, that’s actually what we are doing: messing with the movement switches in the brain. True 🙂 When you loosen the Glutes, Fascia and Piriformis muscles at the posterior hip (with Kettlebells in todays video with Tarek of the Functional Training Institute) then you are turning down the holding power of those tissues to create posterior tilt in the deadlift. Because that excessive tension is classically involved in all kinds of lower back issues. Turning down this tension gives a window of increased freedom to activate Gluteus Maximus during a more clean hip flexion movement. So the video gives you an example of how you can do both of those -one after the other – for the greatest opportunity to immediately move better in the deadlift.
A perfect warm-up for reducing the risk of low back pain and enhancing Gluteus Maximus performance during the deadlift. How good is that for a Rehab Combo! Enjoy,
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