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A simpler rehab combo for you today…however it kinda breaks the rules we have been playing by (where you loosen one area in order to help activateanother). Rather, in today’s video we are loosening the same area we are activating, and we are using sandbags, rubber tubing and kettlebells that you might have lying around in the gym already. (However, in truth, it is the thoracic joints that we are loosening, and the thoracic extensor muscles that we are activating, so it’s not quite the same area 😉 And ironically the reason we are doing this is nothing to do with the thoracic spine! Rather it is for the shoulder joints … to minimise impingement, of course. Poor thoracic extension will prevent the scapula from upwardly rotating and posteriorly tilting enough when your arms are overhead. The perfect antidote to sitting all day, and critical to do before you get into your workout if you love slumping a bit too much… Don’t forget how good this is to do with the Posture Pro too! If you need a reminder from the Rehab Vault on what that looked like (and all the safety precautions), then watch this:
And of course you can get a Posture Pro easily from our partners at Lockeroom, to sell to clients: Next week we do a Rehab Combo on the rotator cuff to prime it for overhead movement – see you then!Ulrik
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