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If you are an athlete of almost any type then you need Trunk mobility – not only for breathing deeply, but also for allowing that critical ability to move through the Thoracic spine that we like to impress people by naming as – “Thoraco-Pelvic Rotation Dissociation”. Try saying that in a hurry 🙂 Essentially as an athlete, you will develop problems relating to your Sacro-iliac Joint unless you have good Thoracic rotation and extension. (And you have to have a stable pelvis and scapula but that’s another story.) Like this Golfer:
So, all your big myofascial elements get a loosen today such as these big muscles of your trunk:
  • Quadrutus Lumborum
  • Lat Dorsi
  • Rhomboids
  • External Obliques and even a little of Psoas Major
I might chat more about this movement in the future but you are  guaranteed that Chris Mallac does a specific workshop on Pelvis function in his Rehab Elite courses. JOIN us!
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