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What a massive area of myofascial tightness most of us carry in our posterior chain! Whether that be hamstrings, adductors, piriformis or even glutes – any of them may have become too overloaded and tight, and consequently affecting negatively how your hips or low back perform. In the past we have discussed how this may easily become a Classic Muscle Imbalance – the posterior chain DOMINATING over the smaller deeper stability muscles of the lower back called “Mulitifidus”, and forcing the person to move with poor lordosis control in squats and deadlifts. Check out our vid on that below.

Rehab Video Flashback: Lower Back

That’s why I stress repeatedly in our video today how important it is to maintain the Lordosis during stretching to get the double benefit of loosening and activating during these techniques. Need help learning how to teach the Lordosis? See this next video, also previously shared:

Rehab Video Flashback: Anterior Tilt

It takes a huge amount of concentration for most clients and trainers to achieve the control needed to relax the posterior chain, and yet hold the Lordosis effectively. In our classes we are usually astounded at how unclear this is for our PT students! FOCUS hard on maintaining Lordosis during the stretching, and your Low Back will get so much stronger, trust us!

Review and Practice Your Stretching

It would be a great idea at this point to travel back with a friend and revise all the Suspended Stretches so you don’t just forget them all – see all our videos laid out further down this page. All the best and see you next week for our final Suspended Stretch! Ulrik
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