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Glenohumeral jt posterior capsule mobilization This high-level Practitioner technique is extremely effective if your Gleno-humeral Joint is restricted into internal rotation. It will gradually mobilize capsular tissue deep to the joint. How will you know if this technique is called for? Poor hand-behind-back mobility…

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Supraspinatus Tendon Isolation

SUPRASPINATUS TENDON REHAB - WILL THIS WORK? How are you doing with the deep-dive into the Rotator Cuff?? Hope you can do a few more reps with me ;) Our last idea about Supraspinatus rehab is "That resisted External Rotation exercises…

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If you have ever been to any of our face to face workshops on the shoulder …then you will know that we strongly advise you to prioritise LOOSENING of the external rotators of the cuff rather than strengthen them. Later…

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